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Decor Options



Bruselas Bone- Backsplash and Edging
Bruselas Gold- Backsplash and Edging
Bruselas Marron- Backsplash and Edging
CW10 Color Wave Suede Shoes
CW11 Color Wave Root Beer
CW19 Color Wave Nine Iron
Contemporary mosaic
Metallaire Copper
Metallaire Stainless
Oxide Argilla- Backsplash and Edging
Oxide Graphite- Backsplash and Edging
Stone Radiance mosaic SA54 Wisteria-Tortoise blend
Stone Radiance mosaic SA59 Glacier Gray Marble Blend
Stone Radiance mosaic SA60 Butternut-Emperador blend
Yellowstone mosaic

Cabinet Colors

Chocolate Optional raised panel door
Chocolate flat panel door
Hickory flat panel door- Optional
Hickory raised panel door- Optional
Stratford Oak Raised Panel Door - Optional
Stratford Oak flat panel door
Timber Wolf flat panel door
Timber Wolf raised panel door-Optional
White Flat Panel Cabinet Doors-Optional
White Raised Panel Cabinet Doors-Optional

Carpet - Level II

innovation camelback
innovation sunrise
innovations -durango
innovations -seldon
innovations benton
lucerne- dusty roads
lucerne- stormy grey
lucerne- mocha joe
lucerne- pearl drops

Carpet - Level III

downtown dove
downtown mocha joe
downtown pearl drops
downtown stormy grey
downtown dusty roads
rivers edge benton
rivers edge -durango
rivers edge- seldon
rivers edge- sunrise
riversedge camel back


Antique Mascarello-Optional High Def
Autumn Indian Slate
Calcutta Marble -Optional High Def
Earth Wash
Elemental Concrete
Kerala Granite
Midnight Stone
Perlato Granite
Santa Cecilia Gold
White Ice Granite

Exterior Colors - Shingles

Black Architectural Shingles
Black Standard Shingles
Brown Architectural Shingles
Brown Standard Shingles
Green Architectural Shingles
Green Standard Shingles

Exterior Colors - Standard Siding


Exterior Colors - Upgrade Siding

Hampton Red


DF 9341 - Grand Canyon Safari
DF 9451 - Timber Oak - Pear Oak
DF 9510 - Pathways Pacific Crest Trail
DF 9585 - Kokutan Plank Glacier
DF 9587 - Kokutan Plank Tobacco
DF 9615 - Tiberon Fog and Sand

Wall Panels

Bailey Iron
Caswell Walnut
Cord Brandy
Forum Bisque
Jakarta Mountain
Lenox Mocha
Margo Mesa
Margo Stone
Picardy Koa
Quarry Sand
Stacked Glass Spa
Tumbled Tile Capri
Zoee II Shadow

PLEASE NOTE: Due to variances in color from photos, the colors that appear may not be exact as the actual material. We reserve the right to make changes at any time in color and material as well as discontinue options without notice or obligation to Eagle River Homes.